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Welcome to the xMonks Temple

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xMonks is a unique collection of 10.000 NFT digital assets collectible on the

XRP Legder.

Welcome to the xMonks Temple.

A place where you can share your mind and thoughts without judgment. We live in busy times, and we help each other to destress via meditation, clearing your conscience via anonymous confessions and more.


The goal is to create an environment where we you can feel at ease. Calm and focused on the goals you would like to achieve. The Monks are here to help you achieve that on a personal but also on a professional level. Helping others without any conditions – step by step, breath by breath.

Once we enter the metaverse, our goal is to create a metatemple with exclusive access for xMonks tribe members. 

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Latest xMonks updates

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All information regarding exclusive drops, releases and airdrops will be announced via our social channels.

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Logo Temple x Monks-03.png
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Your monk is the key to the temple.

Escape the real world, meditate exclusively.     

🔸Release whitepaper (done, second paper TBA) 
🔸XUMM KYC verification (done)
🔸How to buy instructions
🔸Partnerships (ongoing)
1st presale (done)
2nd presale (done)
Last sale before mint goes live (TBA)

🔸Onboarding meditation gurus (TBA)
🔸Token sales
🔸Airdrop 30% of supply
1. Airdrop to holders of project XPUNK (done)
2. Airdrop 0.1 xMonk to 1000 xMonk fans (TBA)
3. Airdrop to loyal xMonk holders (TBA)

🔸Create xMonk generator (done)
🔸New attributes
Created in collaboration with the community (ongoing)
The first 100 shaolin monks will receive a special
Caesar crown attribute that only 1% of all xMonks have
🔸Loyalties & Reward program
We will reward loyal & first holders

🔸Mint live
🔸Collection drops in themes, first drops will be the first exclusive
🔸Onboard developers
🔸Create merch store

Rest of roadmap to be announced


A collection of 10k unique monks, each with their own character and traits

Rare Monks

Meet the team

Michael Wiersma
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


Marketing, PR, Strategy 

Experienced digital marketeer, with a portfolio that includes more than 60 clients all around the world. Founder of Evertising©️ agency, a dutch marketing agency that helps SMB businesses with digital marketing. 

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Gijs van der Grinten
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Responsibilities: Administrations, Growth, Community vision
Expert in personal development, the spirit guide that will help you be the best version of yourself trought meditation and music.  

Harm Smulders
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Design & Creative concepts

A multidisciplinary designer from The Netherlands and co-founder of creative design agency 'De Vergulde Adelaar'. Harm has his own unique style and approach. He is the creator and designer of the unique xMonks. 

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Erick Djami Rohi
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


Community Manager

 Experienced community manager, who helped shape
the tribe to what it is today and will be in the future. His love for people, strong
mindset and experience will guide you through our community.

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